Structured Daycare & Boarding

Structured Daycare & Boarding

What is structured daycare?

Are you looking for something a little more mentally stimulating for your dog while you’re gone to work for the day or away on holiday? 

This is it! Structured daycare/boarding for dogs! We call it doggy school. Drop your dog off for the day.  We will focus on a structured training and mentally stimulating plan for your dog. This is a good option for dogs that:

  1. Do not play well with others
  2. Dog gets over stimulated/ to excited when around other dogs/humans
  3. In need of  some extra training/manners 
  4. Does better with individual interactions
  5. Those who want to keep up all the training, they have been doing with their dog and do not want them to learn bad behaviors. 
  6. Live a busy lifestyle and want their dog to be mentally and physically fulfilled. 

Playtime is monitored and controlled only after dogs have been evaluated. Dogs must enter play time in a calm, mental state. If you have things you’d like to work on you can request these. 


Structured Daycare: $50.00 +HST 

Structured Daycare Boarding: $65 +HST


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