Daycare & Boarding

Daycare & Boarding

Looking to send your dog on vacation?

We are a small daycare and boarding facility that specializes in making sure each dog’s individual needs are met. We send daily updates on how your dog’s day is going. We post regularly on our social media accounts to keep our clients updated daily. We like dogs to go home happy and tuckered out from their amazing pawcation. 

We are located on a large country property where your dog will have lots of space to play with plenty of clean fresh country air. We have a large heated dog facility, as well as individual crates for nighttime sleeping, feeding, and snack time. We accept all sizes of dogs, from toy-sized to giant, however, we do require them to be people-friendly in order to give them the proper care and attention they deserve. Each staff member is certified in Canine first aid and we are fully insured.

Our team members work around the clock. There is staff present on the property 24/7. Each staff member is certified in canine first-aid and has your dog’s best interest at heart. They understand canine body language and behaviour to ensure your dog’s safety at all times.


Per Dog

Basic Boarding: $35.00 +HST
– crated at night time and for quiet time

Indoor Kennel: $40.00 +HST
– large indoor kennel for night-time and quiet time.
4′ by 8′

In-House Boarding: $50.00 +HST
– inside our personal house
– mostly for small dogs

Structured Boarding: $65.00 +HST
3 structured walks
2 sniffari walks
Treadmill time (or alone time in the dog pasture)

Each dog is worked/trained individually in the training facility to mentally stimulate them for exercise.
Group play can be added if the dog is friendly.
Structured training that is mentally stimulating for the dog. An excellent option for dogs that don’t play well with other dogs, get overstimulated, or are stressed easily. It’s also a great option if your dog needs some training while you are away or you wish to keep your training maintenance on par.

Per Dog

Full-Day Daycare: $20.00 +HST (4.5-12 hours)
Half-Day Daycare: $15.00 +HST (4 hours).
Structured Daycare: $50.00 +HST
Very similar to our structure boarding great for dogs that don’t play well with others, or if you are looking for training for your dog or behavior modifications. A day filled with training, mentally stimulating games, and one-on-one time with our trainer.

Extra Mental Stimulation

Snuffle Matt: $3.97 +HST

Structured Walks: $7.97 +HST
(30 min)
No pulling focuses on staying in the heel position, giving them a job to focus on as well as mentally stimulating them with physical exercise.

Sniffari Walks: $7.97 +HST
(25 min)
Dogs are walked on a long line and are allowed to sniff around for an enriching walk.

Sniffari Hunts: $5.97 +HST
(15 min)
We have a spot in the facility where we hide different treats and toys for the dogs to go around and hunt. This is very mentally stimulating and enriching. The dogs tire quickly after a short sniff around the barn finding tasty treats and fun toys.

Slate Mill Run: $6.97 +HST
(25 min)
A dog treadmill that’s designed for dogs to pick their own speed. They can walk, jog, or run at full speed. This is a great way to burn energy without overstimulating them.

Extra Breakfast/Treat

Homemade Treats: $2.97 +HST
Minimal, healthy ingredients

Barkfest: $5.97 +HST
Option A: Blueberry Supreme
Ground blueberries, yogurt, banana, 1 egg

Option B: Rasberry Shake
frozen raspberries, frozen yogurt bites,
2 TBSP peanut butter, 1 quail egg

Option C: Raw Special $7.97 +HST
Blueberries, yogurt, quail eggs, sardine, beef tripe, balanced raw food

Stuffed Kong: $3.97 +HST
Peanut Butter

Beef Tripe $5.99 +HST
Raw Food $5.99

Raw Options
Raw Meaty Bones: $4.99 +HST
Turkey Necks: $6.99 +HST
Salmon Head: $5.99 +HST
Lamb Head: $20.00 +HST (full meal)

Chicken Neck: .97 +HST
Beef Tripe Chunk: .97 +HST

Spa Treatment

Bath, blow-dry, brush, nail trim, paw tidy and sanitary trim services available

HST Not Included


Boarding Includes
  •  A minimum of 4 hours of outside time in a fenced-in dog pasture. Maximum time outside is 10 hours. Pending on each dog, it can be group play or individual. The amount of outside time depends on the individual dog’s needs and the weather. If the weather is too cold/hot we limit times outside to shorter more frequent rotations. If the dogs do not prefer to be outside that long we will make them shorter intervals. We tailor each program to the individual dog’s needs.
  • Every dog will have 2 hours (more if needed) of downtime. This is where they can purchase yummy snacks, or mental stimulation activities, such as snuffle mats, stuffed kongs, and more. Or they can take a nap and relax while they wined down.
  • We have many extra options to accommodate your dog’s needs. Please refer back to the above list of extras. If you wish your dog to have something special that is not on the list, please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

Note: We welcome you to bring a blanket or other fabric item of clothing with your smell on it to help transition the stay for your dog. We also recommend if a dog is staying with us for an extended period of time that you book some daycare days ahead of time to get them accustomed to staying with us. This helps make the doggy vacation more relaxing for your dog. 

What Should I Pack For My Dog?


Please pack enough food for your dog’s entire stay plus a couple of extra meals in case of emergency. We are RAW FRIENDLY!


If needed we would be happy to administer medications for your dog.

Toys & Blankets

We have lots of toys however if there are any special machine-washable toys or blankets you would like to pack for your dog you are welcome to do so.

No Dishes

No need to pack any dishes for your dog! We have all the essentials.


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