Daycare & Boarding

Daycare & Boarding

Looking to send your dog on vacation?

We are a small daycare and boarding facility that specializes in making sure each dog’s individual needs are met. We like dogs to go home happy and tuckered out from a nice pawcation. 

We have a  large heated garage, individual crates for nighttime sleeping, as well as space, to accommodate some dogs in our house if not crate trained. We accept all sizes of dogs. But do require them to be people-friendly in order to give them the proper care and attention they deserve. 

Come, Stay & Play!


Boarding: $35.00 per night per dog
Full-Day Daycare: $20.00 (12 hours)
Half-Day Daycare: $15.00 (4 hours)

Spa Treatments

Bath, Blow-dry, Brush & Nail Trim: $37.00
Bath: $20.00
Nail Trim: $10.00


Daycare consists of a small group of friendly dogs that play outside for the majority of the day. They will have downtime to rest and relax. We often do house time for mind stimulation games and puzzles and arts and crafts for dogs. The dogs will have 24/7 care with our dog nanny Mckayla who manages the daycare services. 

When is pickup and drop off?

Drop off is at 7 am and pickup is at 7 pm
Early drop off or late pickup is an additional $10.00


Bording Includes
  • 2 daily structured walks 
  • Free time outside in the dog pasture (can be all day if weather permitting) otherwise it will be limited intervals throughout the day.
  • Queit time from 12-2pm (snacks, mind stimulation games and more)
  • Any special treatments needed (food, exercise, etc) 

Note: We welcome you to bring a blanket or other fabric item of clothing with your smell on it to help transition the stay for your dog. We also recommend if a dog is staying with us for an extended period of time that you book some daycare days ahead of time to get them accustomed to staying with us. This helps make the doggy vacation more relaxing for your dog. 

What Should I Pack For My Dog?


Please pack enough food for your dog’s entire stay plus a couple of extra meals in case of emergency. We are RAW FRIENDLY!


If needed we would be happy to administer medications for your dog.

Toys & Blankets

We have lots of toys however if there are any special machine-washable toys or blankets you would like to pack for your dog you are welcome to do so.

No Dishes

No need to pack any dishes for your dog! We have all the essentials.


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