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Dogs & Puppies Available Now

Why are they available now?

From time to time we have dogs and puppies that are available immediately without a waitlist. They are wonderful dogs and puppies that meet the same excellent standards that every dog we sell does that are looking for good homes. Some reasons they could be available are:

  • We have a dog that is a wonderful candidate for a pet dog but they may not be eligible for breeding
  • One of our litters is larger than expected and there are extra puppy that needs a home
  • We are retiring one of our breeding dogs
  • We are mentoring another breeder and helping them sell their puppies. (they must follow the K & L protocols)
  • We have Co-own/Guardian home opportunities for dogs we are looking to keep in our breeding program. A Guardian home is a home that co-owns a dog of ours while we retain breeding rights in order for the dog to have the best possible life while being a part of both our families and our program! The dog would live in your home 24/7 just like any other pet. The dog would come to us for breeding purposes on a contracted amount of time. Once retired, you will be the sole owner of the dog. (there are perks to this arrangement)

Available Dogs/Puppies

Standard Aussie

Perdie is looking for her forever home. She would love to find a home that will spend the time with her. She is medium energy, would love a fenced in yard but she does stick around once she builds a bond with you. She can be stand-off to new people, but once she gets to know you she is super friendly and wants your love. She is playful, and gets along with most dogs, the odd female she will get into a tiff with.

Perdie is fully crate trained.
Perdie would do best not with small children but would be find with older kids that respect dogs space.


Miniature Australian Shepherd
4 years old

Red Tri

Peter is a happy friendly boy that loves his humans. He enjoys running around on the farm doing dog stuff. He is a high-energy dog and will require mental stimulation. He would excel in a home with female dogs or as the only dog. He loves cuddling and getting lots of extra pets. He has a cheeky smile which we see daily and is always talking to us with his sound effects. He will need room to run sniff and explore city life would not be his favourite lifestyle.

Peter is fully crate trained, leash trained, and knows basic commands. He will need some reminders about house training (but would not take much effort). He currently wears a belly band in our house due to marking behaviors with other males and intact females in heat around. He would make a great outdoor pet or indoor/outdoor pet. He is well-behaved in the house.

Kids: He is great with adults however, he has not been around kids much but anytime he has it’s been fine. I do not foresee kids as an issue for Peter as he loves his humans and is people-friendly.

Other Males: Peter can NOT be around other male dogs. There are certain males he does not like and he can be reactive to, particularly intact males that will challenge him. He feels he is an Alpha male.

Cats: He gets along ok with indoor cats but may need to give corrections (he tolerates the house cat we have). No outside cats as he will chase them.

Livestock: He is not suitable to be around chickens as he has a strong predatory instinct towards them. Or other small livestock like rabbits. (big livestock is fine, cows, sheep, horses, etc)

Guardian Home Opportunity


Toy Poodle (non-shedding, hypo-allergenic)


We are looking to place this sweet girl into a guardian home. She would do
awesome in a home that wants to cuddle. She doesn’t require a lot of mental or
physical stimulation. She just wants a friend to love. She is good with other
She is low energy and would be suitable for a home that wants an easy dog. She
is fully house trained and crate trained. Good with people, kids’ cats.
She is 8-10lbs

Toy Poodle (non-shedding, hypo-allergentic)

Doris is a 1-year-old toy poodle. She is small but mighty. She has a ton of personality. She loves to cuddle and hang out in the house with you all day. She enjoys going outside to play with her doggy friends.
She is low energy and easy-going girl. She doesn’t love big dogs when they try to play with her, She prefers her size or medium as she doesn’t like being stepped on. She would be happy to be the only dog you love too. Good with people kids and cats.
8 lbs would make a nice house pet.
Crate trained


Miniature American Shepherd

Wyatt would love a family to call his own. He is a silly boy that loves to cuddle and give all his love he possibly can.
Wyatt would be fine in the country or in the city. He is a lower energy aussie that doesn’t require much.
Wyatt would need reminders in the house for potty.
Crate trained
Leash trained
Not a wander

Small Aussie

Koa the cutie is looking for his forever home in a guardian placement. He will be a future stud for K & L Aussies and we are super excited at how amazing he is turning out to be. He is very sweet boy that would excel in any type of home with or without kids. He loves all people and is great with other dogs.
Koa has started a lot of his training and is now ready to find a family to call his own.
Fully crate trained
Koa is medium energy


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