Our Companion/Retired Dogs

Our Companion/Retired Dogs


Australian Shepherd

Addi is our oldest Aussie that started it all. Addi has retired from her breeding career and is now a working cattle dog during the day and a shop dog at night. She couldn’t be happier with her new rolls. 


Australian Shepherd

Ruby is now retired and living her best life in her favourite place, on the couch with Kelli. Ruby was a pup from Addi’s very first litter and has taken a special place in Kelli’s heart being her number one protector. Ruby is very bonded with Kelli and follows her around wherever she goes. Ruby retired from working cattle a year ago and is now just hanging out keeping all the other dogs in line.


Miniature Australian Shepherd

Betty the Mini Aussie has retired from being a momma and is now living her best life with her guardian mom in the city. 


Bouvier Des Flanders

Scruff is our one and only Bouvier with a quirky personality. He prefers to be left to do his own thing and will come in for pets and brushing when he feels it is a good time. He enjoys laying in the shade in front of the garage watching to see who drives in. He does his perimeter patrol checks regularly to make sure nothing is on his property. He bounces around the yard quite elegantly with deer-like movements that are quite amazing to watch. 

Irish Wolfhound

Suki started out as a foster dog and is one of Kelli’s favorite breeds. She was supposed to stay for a short time but quickly Kelli started to fall in love with the gentle giant. Suki is a super easygoing girl that gets along with everyone and anyone.


Miniature Australian Shepherd

Peter is K & L Aussies first mini aussie stud. He is currently still living with Kelli and the pack doing dog things like running around, going to work, and playing with the cows.


Australian Shepherd

Bow lived a good life on Kelli’s parent’s home farm. He never did make it as a breeding stud due to a tragic accident in his first year of life, but that didn’t stop him from being the perfect companion for Kelli’s father John. Bow outlived what the vet had expected, they didn’t anticipate any recovery and predicted that he would need to be euthanized early on. However, with Bow’s big heart and HUGE spirit he lived to be 9 years old and full of life right to the very end. RIP old man.



Bubba was taken in by Kelli after her Aunt passed away. Bubba met up with Bow and they instantly clicked and became inseparable. Bubba came from the city but quickly adapted to farm life and has turned out to be an amazing little dog and a great companion for his buddy Bow. 
Bubba lived a long happy life of 15 years and is now reunited with his original dog momma. RIP old Boy


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