Our Males

Our Males


ASDR Registered
Standard Australian Shepherd
Black Tri
Weight: 60 lbs
Height: 22.5

Ollie, Big Man, Garc, Garcy, Olliegarcy, Manny the several names you will hear us call this guy. He took the role of a pack leader at a young age with his strong confident personality biddable personality. Ollie’s temperament is 1 in a million: calm, laid back, easy-going incredibly smart, and has the drive to work with no obsessive behavior and a great shut-off button. He is used daily on the dairy farm to help move the cows, he loves to travel around in the truck and go wherever his favorite human is going. He learns quickly and never blows you off his main goal in life is to please his human.
Ollie would be medium to high energy with medium to high drive.

Health tested by Embark
MDR1: 1 Copy
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Eyes: Iris to Iris


Registered Name: AKC “Alta Red Wyatt Erp”
Red Tri
Weight: 37lbs
Height: 17″

Wyatt came to us at 1 years old. He is from Alberta, Alta Kennels. He is a very sweet boy, the quiet laid-back stud that is lower in the pack order. He avoids conflicts and likes to just do his own thing. He loves to play with some of the other younger dogs. He has a great temperament with the young puppies, tolerating them jumping all over him. He loves his female humans and cuddles up on the couch. He is definitely a big lover. He free stacks often and is well-structured.
Wyatt is medium to low energy with little drive.

Health tested by Embark
OFA Eyes: Clear
OFA Prelim Hips: Good


AKC/CKC/ASDR Ideal Buck Shot
Australian Shepherd
Blue Merle 
Height: 21″
Weight: 50 lbs

Ideal Buck Shot also known as Jedi, is a silly boy who always has his tongue out. If we had to describe him with one word it would be LOVER. Jedi lives with his Guardian Mom Brooke who is a dog trainer in Toronto. Jedi has the happiest temperament of any Aussie we know. He is a special boy that has big potential, being paired with the perfect dog mom we are very excited to see what his future holds.
  Jedi’s energy level is on the higher side but he does have an off switch with medium to high drive

Health tested by Embark
OFA Eyes: Clear
PennHip: Low-Risk DI 0.14


AKC/CKC Ideal Cash Flow
Standard Australian Shepherd

Red Tri
Weight: 50lbs

Cash is a goofy laid back boy. He loves to play with his humans but can be shy at the first meeting as he is on the submissive side. Cash currently lives with his guardian home, Charlene, and his Family. Cash has 3 young boys to play with on the farm. He is a blue-eyed tri-carrier. Cash throws his big bone and head shape to his pups.
Cash is medium to high energy with medium drive.

Health tested by Embark
PawPrints: 1 copy DM
PennHip: Mild Risk DI 0.44
OFA Eyes: Clear

Four Oaks Little River Wild Man
Black Tri
BET Carrier
Height: 16.5″
Weight: 38lbs
1 Copy- HC
OFA Hips- Good
OFA Elbows- Normal

Sully is a wild little man with a ton of love to give everyone. He is a huge “ball” lover and will play all day with you. He has a lovely temperament with a mixture of GO and SLOWh he does relax and lay by your feet. This little guy is built like a tank and throws this to his offspring. He is eager to please and loves a good pet from his human friends.
Sully is high energy with a high drive.


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