What to Expect From Us

What To Expect From Us

We send weekly progress reports and post regularly on social media what we are up to with our dogs and puppies. We recommend following us on social media for daily updates and backstage passes you won’t want to miss. This will help you get a better feel of exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

We feed all of our dogs and puppies a balanced raw food diet for optimal health and we encourage you to continue this.

At any stage in the dog’s life, we are always here to help and offer a lifetime of breeder support. We will take our dogs back for any reason without hesitation. There is no judgment. We want to ensure our dogs never end up in shelters and have the best care for their entire life.

How Our Puppies Are Raised

 All our puppies are raised in our home with full-time 24/7 supervision.

We use Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Sound Stimulation (ESS) daily to help balance our puppies and prepare them for the real world.

They are handled daily from birth, with 3-5 second ENS exercises while they are under 3 weeks old.

We follow the program which includes daily stimulations and exposures at the right times without over-stressing the pups. We call this program our “Puppy Curriculum”. It is also important to teach the puppies how to handle stress because as we know life can get hectic.

They are exposed to different sights, sounds (ESS), games, and challenges to help build confidence at an early age.

Little obstacles are set up for the pups to be exposed to and try new challenges. These vary and may include a wobble board, teeter-totter, tunnels, stairs with a slide attached, ballroom etc. We try to install a 3-second recovery time for each pup if they are startled or stressed. Puppies are taken out for individual training time. This helps get them accustomed to bonding with humans and being by themselves without their litter mates. This is done starting around 4 weeks of age. Again pending on each pup as every puppy is different so we tailor our program to be flexible to each puppies individual needs.

In the warm months, once our puppies are the appropriate age they spend alot of the time outside on the property with other dogs being exposed to daily life sounds and situations. This helps prepare them for the real world.

During the winter months, the puppies spend more time inside our kitchen and living room rather than outside due to temperature limitations. However, they still venture outside and play with the other dogs to help with socialization.

They are exposed to a variety of different dogs on the property to help with early socializing and to help teach them how to have proper dog manners. Its important for puppies to learn how to be around other dogs and puppies.

We take pups on pack walks with our other dogs which help teach them to follow along and learn pack mentality. This comes in clutch because your pup will already know to follow you around outside off leash. It will be up to you to continue the puppy bonding and training to keep a good follow and recall.

Before the puppy selection process, all our pups have individual temperament evaluations. This evaluation consists of a few days, several series of challenges and exposures so we can see how they will react to certain situations. We do this to help our clients find the right temperament puppy for their families.

Puppy Starter Pack

Each pup comes with its own puppy starter pack! The Puppy starter pack includes but is not limited to:

  • 1-month free health insurance starting the day of pick up by Truepaion 
  • 2-year Health guarantee 
  • Microchipped
  • Vet Checked/Health Records
  • The first set of vaccines
  • Dewormed
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Starter food (1 box of raw puppy food)
  • Blanket with mom/littler mates/dog friends smells to help for an easier transition
  • Puppy Care Booklet with training tips, puppy health tips, treat recipes, and more
  • Lifetime breeder support

Puppy Selection

  • Puppies are selected after several puppy evaluation has been completed. This is typically around 3 to 4 days before going home and after their vet visit. Personalities will be better established by this age. We do this so we can match personalities to the right homes to make it the right fit for both humans and puppies.
  • The order of picking does not come into play here as it is more imporat to us that we match the right dog with the right owner. We will give you a short list of puppies to choose from that we think will be a good fit for you based on the puppy’s temperament and your lifestyle.
  • We do a virtual meet and greet at 4 weeks and an in-person meet and greet around 6 weeks of age.
  • Large breed puppies go home at 8 weeks of age and small breeds go home at 10-12 weeks.  This is not set in stone, if we feel any or all pups need to stay with us longer we will do whatever is in the best interest of the puppies. Its important to us that each dog is not only physically ready for a big change but also mentally ready.
  • As the breeder we have the right to the first/second pick/third pick.
  • We do NOT sell based on a colour and therefore cannot guarantee there will be the colour you want. If you would like a particular colour you may have to wait longer to be sure you get the temperament matched with your desired colour.
  • We will try our best to match the gender of your choice however, it will depend on what the gender makeup of the litter is. You may always transfer to another litter if need be.